Catatan Reyvanologi 2012 : Ayu Ting-Ting

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

Pembaca yang budiman, Reyvanologi punya catatan menarik sepanjang tahun 2012. Kalau yang kemarin Reyvanologi telah membahas urutan catatan Reyvanologi 1-6 sekarang kita beranjak ke posisi 7. Ada siapa yang menambah jumlah catatan Reyvanologi 2012. Langsung saja ada Ayu Ting-Ting.

Siapa yang tak kenal dengan artis pendatang baru yang satu ini. Pelantun lagu “Alamat Palsu” mulai debut karirnya tahun 2011. Sejak kemunculannya lagu dangdut seakan hidup dengan kehadirannya. Langsung saja Catatan Reyvanologi 2012 : Ayu Ting-Ting urutan 7. Check This Out.

Ayu Rosmalina (born in Depok, West Java on 20 June 1992), better known by her stage name Ayu Ting Ting (also spelled Ayu Tingting) is an Indonesian dangdut singer who rose to fame in 2011 for her song “Alamat Palsu” (“Fake Address”). Her stage name, Ting Ting, is related to virginity.

Ting Ting was born in Depok, West Java on 20 June 1992 to a civil servant and his wife. She began modelling at the age of four, and was introduced to dangdut around that time.  Ting Ting began her music career as a wedding singer at the age of 14, earning Rp. 250,000 (US$ 28) per performance; that year she was also Miss Depok. In 2007 she recorded a solo album, Dilanjut Aja (Just Continue),  with Akurama Records  which included “Alamat Palsu” (“Fake Address”) (written by a man from Tasikmalaya) and “Ting Ting”. “Ting Ting” used the title as a euphemism for ‘virgin’, including lyrics such as “saya masih ting-ting / dan terjamin ting-ting” (“I’m still ting-ting / and guaranteed to be ting-ting”); she later added ting ting to her first name to create a stage name, at the suggestion of her producers.

In 2010, Ting Ting enrolled at Guna Dharma University, taking a bachelor’s degree in management. However, after she became famous as a singer she took a leave.

In 2011, four years after its release, “Alamat Palsu” became popular, with covers by comedian Sule and singer Olga Syahputra. After her rise to popularity, helped in part by Syahputra, Ting Ting can earn Rp. 30 million for six songs. As of October 2011, she is expected to start acting.

Ting Ting has stated that she attempts to emphasize her voice when singing and not sell her body, something she considers common in dangdut culture;  she does not use sensual movements when dancing like some of her peers.  She instead attempts to be herself, although with some Korean fashion influence; her attempts to be herself have been applauded by fellow dangdut singer Julia Perez. She has been described as a tomboy, and has stated that before rising to stardom she rarely bothered with makeup.

Ting Ting currently lives in Depok, West Java. She is reportedly uncomfortable with the sawer culture common in dangdut, where men slip the singer money to dance onstage with her;  she has stated that she was once approached, given money, and kissed on both hands while performing, after which she stopped the show.

Ting Ting is a fan of K-pop, although she also likes the dangdut of Dewi Persik; she has stated that Persik’s “goyang gergaji” (“saw move”) requires skill and confidence that she herself does not possess.

Sekian….Wassalam…Semoga Bermanfaat….Save Our Earth and World

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